Visual Thinking

Visual thinking refers to a wide array of ideas and techniques that are used to share information and solve problems. Visual Organization, Graphic Recording and Graphic Facilitation are primary visual techniques for engaging and working with groups.

Visual Thinking is foundation of all my work. I believe strongly that using visual engages more people in more ways, more of the time. Whether preparing a life plan for an individual or implementing broad reaching system reforms, visuals are the best method to gather ideas, imagine alternatives, choose a course of action and share it with the world.

Visual Organization describes any technique that puts information and ideas into a visual form. We are surrounded by this all day, everyday. Maps, most advertising and our phone bills all use visual organization to give us information and persuade us to do things.

Graphic Recording is the art and practice of capturing information and ideas visually. Using colorful markers, huge sheets of paper and some quick thinking, meetings, conferences, brainstorming sessions and seminars turn into beautiful posters that clarify and reinforce your message.

Graphic Facilitation is the practice of using visuals to work with groups to achieve their desired outcomes. Graphic recording, wall-sized process templates and steady and supportive facilitation techniques help group share and develop their ideas, generate momentum and take action.

These dynamic processes capture people’s attention and engage them on several levels:
• Share ideas across language and literacy
• Engage visual thinkers
• Promote understanding
• Aid memory
• Generate momentum
• Organize concepts
• Prompt conversations
• Provide context

Your ideas come alive with color.

In addition to Graphic Recording and Facilitation, I offer training and consulting on how to engage Visual Thinking in your organization. Contact me at marc (at) papershine (dot) com