Graphic Recording

Graphic recording is the art and practice of capturing information and ideas visually. Turning typical ‘flip-chart’ stenography on its ear, graphic recording is big, bold and colorful. It grabs people’s attention and makes conferences, retreats and meetings more engaging and memorable.

How it works

Graphic recording is big, usually done on 4’ x 8’ sheets of paper hung on the wall. As a skilled practitioner, I translate your conversation into images and words as it happens. Ideas emerge in color for everyone to see. Whenever possible, the murals remain posted throughout the conversation, providing context and clarity.

What it does

This very dynamic process captures people’s attention and engages them in your material on several levels. Graphic recording:

  • Shares ideas across languages
  • Engages visual thinkers
  • Promotes understanding
  • Aids memory
  • Generates momentum
  • Organizes concepts
  • Prompts conversations
  • Provides context

Your ideas come alive with color and movement.

The finished products

Roll and save the large posters created during your sessions. Share them with your colleagues that weren’t able to attend. Bring them out again at your next meeting as a way to regain momentum. Your murals can also be turned into digital graphics, suitable for print or on-line publication. Brighten your annual report or share your notes with visitors to your web site.

E-mail marc (at) papershine (dot) com for more information, pricing info or to schedule your event.