Mediation Notes

October 23rd, 2006

I am taking a basic mediation course put on by The Mediation Center in Asheville. The course is based on facilitated conversation, micro-lectures and lots of role-playing. It’s been enlightening. I’ve been taking graphic notes during the talky parts of the curriculum. Page two, below, includes a collective definition of mediation, and compares the process against litigation and abitration, in which a guy wearing a floppy tophat decides the solution to your conflict. Not sure what I was trying to accomplish there.

On the first day we did fairly typical, if blazingly fast, introductions. On day two, we started with this slightly more unorthodox and familiar approach.


This is a description of the process of active listening, an essential skill of good mediators, facilitators and trainers. It’s about being present and being curious, which are probably different ways of saying the same thing.


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