Recording Policy

March 2nd, 2006

Last week I recorded a day long round table discussion on enhancing competitive employment opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. Thirty-five local leaders in the field from Oregon and Washington met and discussed the challenges that people face in finding meaningful work they enjoy that pays. It was an extremely professional discourse, moderated by C.J. Webb from OTAC, focusing on policy inititiaves and the issues of putting effective policy into widespread practice.

I tried to keep my recording balanced between image and word. Policy discussion doesn’t always suggest vibrant imagery, but the conversations about work and people lent themselves to pictures. My favorite image was one of a person being given a job, that turned out to be a bottomless pit, a reminder that too many people with disabilities are placed in jobs and left there, without thought of growth and development or a career path. By many’s people’s reckoning, getting any job is supposed to be good enough.
At the end of the session, the group did a ’round’ with everyone suggesting policies, practices or strategies that would help Oregon change its policy around employment. This was rapid fire and I stuck to just writing the words, as fast as I could.

I used a nice Sakura marker for black outlines and soft pastels for the highlights. Lovely to look at, but not the best arrangement for retouching in PhotoShop. The colors in these digital images are at once faded and harsher than the paper.

Paper is shine.

Image links to larger, legible versions of some of the day’s conversation.

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