Manager Training Tools: Promoting Continuity

September 11th, 2005

As part of OTAC’s involvement with the Good to Great Project, I have been helping an organization create management training tools. One of their star managers, Amber, is leaving later this month. This day planner graphic represents one way of summarizing the main functions of Amber’s work, running the Specialized Foster Care program. This is not a literal schedule, but a representation of her major functions, including some of the stuff that just pops up.
The graphic is intended as an interactive tool. The tasks of the day should spark conversations. Ideally, Amber will be able to talk through it with her replacement. If that doesn’t happen, the graphic will become an important link in the information chain, providing a tool for much-needed continuity. Amber can explain it through with her manager, who can use it as a training tool. There’s tons of space around the margins for adding notes and there’s also a blank planner page, for all the stuff that didn’t make it onto this busy day.
Next step: a month planner that captures some of ther recurring functions and reporting duties the program coordintor is responsible for.

Click the graphic below to see an expanded, legible version.

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